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Walkers is a family run business, serving Oakham & Stamford since 1972. Thank you for finding us on line and we look forward to welcoming you into one of our shops soon.



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Opening Hours


Monday to Saturday

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Stamford Shop

Book Signing - John Daffurn

Isabel's name was randomly plucked from a government list of over 10,000 individuals, who had died intestate. Her details were used, by amateur genealogist John Daffurn, in an attempt to discover why professional heir-hunters had failed to identify her living heirs.

 In the process, the family histories of three John Campbells, all of whom were candidates for Isabel's father, were uncovered. From Prussia and the lowlands of Scotland to the pampas of Argentina and the trenches of the Somme, their stories unfolded.

 In a show of patriotism each of the John Cambells or their children returned from Argentina to fight for the British in WWI and WWII, and the documents unearthed told of families being torn apart by war and the inevitable death and suffering of those involved in the conflict.

But, could the father of the illegitimate Isabel be identified and would this lead to the discovery of heirs who could claim her estate?